Saturday, March 5, 2011

Catching up

For all the people whom read this blog. I am sorry I have not written in a while. The reason for this is because I have been working in secured areas.

After the course, I returned back to the Nahal Unit. There, I was told that I would be working in the Tara'gad. The Tara'gad is the clinic found on the boarder, which soldiers can go to when they are sick or when then need to. We also go out on different missions as a medical emergency team if needed. The Tara'gad is made up of medics, paramedics and doctors. However, not all my time was spent in the Tara'gad. I also went out to different areas as the main medic on site. Such trips included a driver’s course, where I was the main medical person for 10 drivers. Another example was at training exercises, where I was again the main medic on site. While most of my time was spent watching the exercises or enjoy the view from the back seat of the jeep, I also got to put my training to the test and help soldiers whom got injured.

However, all that now has changed. I am no longer in the Tara'gad. I am now the main medical person for the new trainees. My job now will be to schedule appointments for the soldiers. Look after the health and also to deal with any problems that arise during their training. Besides doing something I know I’m going to love, I will also be getting an interesting experience because now I will get to look at training from the other side. Last time I was back on this base, I was just starting the army and didn't know what to do. Now however, I am also a year and a half in the army and I get to see how the commanders and staff work. I hope that I get to be the mentor to the kids, that my commanders and Hopel (Hopel = Hovesh plugati or company medic. It is also my new job title) was to me.

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  1. Small correction. It is 'tagad' without an 'r'. תאג"ד which stands for תחנת איסוף גדודי. Long time ago I, too, was a hayal boded hovesh. Hence my online moniker: Medic09.

    May God keep you and colleagues safe. Thank you for all you do.

    (Sgt.) Medic09
    מחזור ע"ד נח"ל